3 Pack - Max Incendiary Kit - Fire Starting Kit

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Each Max Incendiary Kit includes the Following:
> 1 - Ferro Rod capable of handling 3,000+ Strikes -  Able to produce 3,000* C Sparks
> 1 - Steel Multi-Tool  - Can be used to scrap tinder off of dry wood. 50mm Ruler, Bottle Opener, and Striker for the Ferro Rod
> 1 - Collapsible Stainless Steel Fire Bellow - Small and easy to store but extends up to 20" Enabling You to Easily and Safely Provide Additional Oxygen into Your Embers to Quickly Ignite the Kindling
> 1 - Paraffin Wax Soaked Tinder - Perfect FireStarter to Save for a Situation Where Igniting the Fire is Proving More Difficult than Normal
This is the Kit you want to have with you at all times, that means having multiple will be your best bet to know you always have one when most needed.